Monday, April 18, 2011

What a Week-End!!

What do Sarah Palin, exercise for the liver, Smithy, and the Cheesecake Factory have in common? Think hard........ The answer is the "Women of Joy" Conference. A group of 20 women from our area went to Oklahoma City for the week-end to attend the conference. It was wonderful.

We sang with Michael W Smith and Charles Billingsley and heard Sarah Palin, Kay Arthur and Karen Kingsbury speak. My favorite was Anita Renfroe. Talk about laugh, I thought I would die!! Did you know that the only exercise the liver receives is when you laugh? Who Knew??? There were 9,000 women attending and it was was so awesome to hear their voices lifted in song to our God. If you ever get a chance, please attend. I promise you will receive a blessing.

We traveled in five vehicles and it was interesting to get us all to the places we wanted to go! Best meal of the week-end was of course the Cheesecake Factory. For some reason I later looked in my purse and there was a piece of cheesecake!!! Unfortunately, I had forgotten to pack my diet so I ate it!!! Heaven in a slice!

Different speakers, same idea: How long will God protect a nation that calls evil things good and good things evil? We better get ourselves aligned with God or the USA will be suffering the consequences. We need to stand firm on the word of God and not tolerate the sins that seem to be more acceptable these days. God's word is firm, we must stand firm.

I was surprised how dry OKC was. I knew the Texas Panhandle was suffering, but so is Oklahoma. Pray for rain, please. The wildfires in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma need a good drenching rain to help stop them. Please Lord, let it rain!!! Please pray for the families that are suffering because of all the fires.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Where Does the Time Go?

Does your life every seem to be passing you by? When I look at my calendar, I get weak. Why do I do so much and get so little done? I think the older I get the more I want to slow down, but I'm not sure where to start. I love my family and friends and want to do the things they do, so I have made a decision. God gave me the wisdom to decide what I should do and I am doing it. I am thankful that I have family and friends, I am thankful I have the health to be active, and I am thankful that I have a God that loves me and blesses my life so fully. So.... I will keep filling the calendar and keep going and doing, but mainly keep giving thanks in the process!

Have any of you been watching the baby eagles? I first heard about it on KLove. I am now deeply attached to these 3 little white bundles. Every morning when I get to my office I turn on KLove and then set my computer on the eagles. Mother eagle is such a good mom. She covers them under her and feeds them and monitors their every move and chirp. If you haven't seen them go to this site:

As I watch them, I think about how a mother eagle represents our Father God. He puts us under his wing and protects us, he meets all our needs, and he loves us unconditionally. Sunday in church our pastor gave this same illustration by bring my daughter (Amy) and her baby girl (Cydney) up to the front. He told Amy to make her arms like wings and he placed Cyd right next to her, under her wing. He made the point of saying we are all protected under our Father's wing, but if we step out of that protection the enemy (Satan) can make our lives miserable. As he was talking, Amy was standing there with her "wings" up and Cyd had her "wings" up also. Every once in awhile Cyd would flap her little "wings" and just smile. She was such a cute little "chick".
Life under the "wings" is so much better than life without those "wings"!

Looks like spring is finally here. I need to plant plants and pull weeds, but the main thing I need to do is stay under those "wings". Blessings to you all and stay under the Father's "wing".


Monday, April 4, 2011

April Fool's

Well, was the April Fool's joke on me or what?? This week-end, I worked in the yard/garden- windy but very warm (89). The flower beds look so much better. I am always amazed by the amount of new growth under all that old, dead junk from last year. I just can hardly wait to see what all those little green, baby leaves will be, you see I tend to scatter seed and let nature take it's course. Now for the joke, we woke up this morning with the ground covered in SNOW!! Where is spring and I want it back NOW! Thank goodness I did not get the tomato plants planted that I purchased on Saturday. I love my Master Gardening class, but my checks to the various garden places are mounting up; maybe we will give up food this month.

I have to hurry and get the flower beds in shape and the garden in so I can think about golf. A group of ladies are taking a 3 day refresher class the beginning of May. If you remember, I just really learned how to play last year so I really do need refreshing! Please spring and summer, hurry along.

Blessings to you all and may your week be filled with mercy and grace. Take the time to appreciate all the beautiful budding trees and smell the lilacs!