Friday, May 14, 2010

New Business!

I just signed up for a new business. I'm not retiring from the school, but this is a little extra something. Even if it does not grow, I am benefiting from the product.

It is called DuVita and was started this past January. DuVita sells two products: Balance+ and Appetite+. Balance + is a combination of Chinese medicines designed to help boost your mood and keep your body in balance. Appetite+ increases the body's ability to burn fat quicker and more efficiently without jittery side effects. Both are made from natural ingredients.

I have had trouble lately with going home from work and crashing on the couch and then stuffing myself at supper. Yesterday I took Balance+ and Appetite+ about mid-morning. When I got home yesterday I had energy to clean out a flower bed and mow the grass. But, the best part was when I ate supper, I didn't clean my plate. I felt full and stopped eating. That in itself is a big step for me. I've never had a weight problem until menopause. Boy oh Boy has that changed things. I think it even helped me sleep better last night. Only time will tell, but right now I am very happy with the two products. I started Da-Da on the Balance+ this morning because he is working such long hours. There just has to be more to the late 50's than exhaustion and being fluffy!!!!

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If any of you have other suggestions for adapting to menopausal problems, let me know. I am game for anything that will get me back into life again.

Rain is predicted for today and Saturday. Praise the Lord, we are dry. School is on the down-home stretch and summer is coming!!! Have a great week-end and may you all be blessed abundantly!!!

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