Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year's Read

Da-Da has been released from the Doctor and physical therapy, but he has to do exercises at home to get the shoulder back to full use. Thank you Lord for the healing!

I bought myself an iPad for Christmas. I had used one at school and thought I really would use it. For the first month, I wouldn't let myself buy any books to put on it because I had so many setting around the house that needed reading. But, I caved! I love reading on it and when finished there is not a book to stack somewhere. If you haven't read "Heaven is for Real" by Todd Bopus, please read it. It is relatively short and a quick read. It's a true story about a little 4-year old boy that visits heaven during surgery. It is wonderful and just thrills my heart. Give it a try. If anyone out there has other book recommendations, please send me a comment.

Just signed up for the Women of Joy conference in OK city in April. So excited to hear Sarah Palin, Anita Renfroe, and others. I just love worshiping with a bunch of women!!!!

Grandkids are busy playing Basketball. Tomorrow we have games at 10, 11, 12, 1, and 6. What a day. At least the weather is supposed to be warmer. I am so tired of single digit wind chills!!!! But at least we don't have the snow and ice. I feel so sorry for those that are not used to that kind of weather in their area.

Was hoping that the weight loss would allow me to get off the blood pressure medicine, but not going to happen yet. Dr. Cindy wants to monitor it for a little while longer. Cholesterol is up a little so I guess I will start watching that better. I tell you, this getting older is for the birds. I want my old (pre-50) body back. It seemed to work better!!!!!

Looking at recipes and hope to have one to share soon. It's been so cold that all we are eating is soups and stews. But they sure hit the spot! Everyone stay warm and be blessed!


Diana Ferguson said...

Glad we have gotten to "visit" this morning. I just read that book. We are passing it around to all our family members!

And I was just online this week trying to decide if I could make it up to that conference. I have a nephew that must moved back to OKC, so that could be a double opportunity!

Have a great Friday.

~Micah said...

I'm going to the Women of Joy conference also! I can't wait, I've never been to one of these and I'm really excited about the lineup and spending time with wonderful ladies in our community!