Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's to all. I just heard on KLove that teachers get more valentines than anyone else. That is really neat that teachers are remembered on Valentine's Day.

Maybe I am not very romantic, but Valentine's Day is not that different for me and DaDa. I am more thankful that I have his love and respect on any ordinary day of the year. We wish each other Happy Valentine's and sometimes exchange cards, but it is not an earth-shaking day for us. Maybe after you have been together for 40+ Valentine Days, you are not as impressed by the glitz and glamor as with the true commitment and daily love you share. Heaven knows I don't need the chocolate and I would rather have roses in my yard. Thank you Lord for bringing the two of us together and placing a permanent Valentine love in our hearts. There is something so dear and special in growing old together and thinking about how you have been blessed.

If flowers and candy are your thing, I wish you the desires of your heart. May you also receive all the "warm fuzzy's" you can handle!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

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