Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just a Thought!

I usually listen to KLove when at school and in my suburban. Yesterday I was going into town to the dentist and I heard a random comment by a guest on their show. I was daydreaming, as usual, about what was for dinner, did I need to go to the grocery store, did I have time to got by the cell phone store to have them look at my piece of junk, etc. The comment was about spending time blogging and twittering. The person commented they didn't do it very often because who really cared. They were more concerned about the relationships with people in the same room, not across the Internet. At the time I just gave it a casual thought, but this morning it has come back to mind.

I am there for my family and friends; I really think I am. However, I also think of the enjoyment I have gotten from reading blogs. They make me laugh, they make me think, they make me cry.

Last fall I was spending some time looking around the Internet and came across "The Pioneer Woman" blog. My daughter had a blog and I sent her the link to look at some of the great recipes on Ree's page. Besides my daughter's page, this was my first experience with a blog. Since then I have subscriptions to many others and really enjoy visiting them. I may never meet these women, but they inspire me to cook, to create, to read more, to praise God often in a day, and yes, even to blog.

So my final conclusion is that blogging doesn't hamper my relationships with friends and family. When God whispers in my ear that I have my priorities out of alignment with him, I will stop and re-evaluate, but until then I will keep reading about my new friends and their life adventures, pray when I read a need, and for sure LOL at many comments and stories.

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