Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day of Firsts!

Today has been a day of firsts for me. This morning about 3:40 am, I was awakened by an explosion sound. The patio furniture by my bedroom window rattled and shock a few seconds and then nothing. It sounded far away so I though there might have been an accident on I-40 or a pipeline explosion somewhere. When I got to school, I heard we had experienced an earthquake.

VEGA, TEXAS -- If you live in or near Vega then you may have felt a little rumbling Thursday morning. The US Geological Survey recorded a earthquake 12 miles north north east of Vega. According to the USGS the quake measured 3.8 on the Richter scale. We have a crew headed that way. Stay tuned to Pronews 7 and be sure to check back here at for an update.

Wow, I have never been in an earthquake and 3.8 is about all I want to ever experience. An Amarillo TV station sent out a reporter and he interviewed several people in town that felt the earthquake. I might be on TV for all of 2 seconds!

The second thing to happen for the first time is earlier in the year I wrote a grant for our school. We were notified in January that we had not been selected. I was a little down because it takes hours and hours to write one of these TEA grants. Oh well, better luck next year. Today they called and told our Superintendent that we would receive partial funding after all. I am so happy that Vega ISD has been selected in such a competitive process. Small rural schools are often over-shawdowed by the larger districts. Our students are just as smart and just as deserving as any students in the state, so Yea Vega!!!!

Even though it snowed again last night and the roads are terrible, I feel just a little bit better for all the firsts of the day! I hope you have a great day and may you be blessed in every thing you do today. We serve such an AWESOME GOD!!!

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