Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fudge Guilt!!

Fudge. I love fudge. Good fudge with lots of pecans. Friday at school we had early release for spring break. Anz and I went to the city to the city's largest garage sale. We had never been so didn't know what to expect. We saw the good, the bad, and the ugly......then there was the really ugly. As we walked up and down the isles, we came across a girl selling fudge. After several samples, I purchased some. Upon arriving home that evening I needed another sample or three. It really is good. Bedtime came around and I went to bed and fell right to sleep...until about 3:00 am. Then, wide awake. Was it fudge guilt? I had been on a diet for several weeks, so did the guilt awaken me from a sound sleep? Or was it one of the many little gifts that come with menopause? Whatever it was, do you know what is on TV at 3:00 am?

First I watched a celebrity model's skin care line and just knew I needed her cantaloupe inspired skin system. I could look 10 years younger! Then I felt sure I could use a home silk screen Tee-shirt making system. Oh, the XXL Tee's I could make with this beauty!! Next was a wonderful body girdle system that redistributes the muffin top to give you a smoother look and better posture. You can look up to 2 sizes smaller with this little under garment. My only question is what area of the body gets the redistributed muffin top? Personally I don't want it under my arms and my rear-end has it's own share of plumpness. Does anyone know where the muffin top is sent, if so please share your knowledge. The last item I was so sure I needed was an exercise machine guaranteed to slim you down in 6 weeks. I fell for this once and it made a great clothes hanger, but my weight never disappeared. Thank goodness I got sleepy and fell back to sleep. I saved a lot of money. Saturday morning came and in the sunlight those offers didn't look near as inspiring as the night before. I think it would be cheaper to give up fudge and take a Tylenol PM.

As I think back on the past night, I realize how the enemy preys upon us when we can't rest. Worry, anxiety, pressure, fear, doubt, all the things that can seem so big and scary in the dark are really so small and worthless in the light. We just have to let God be our light at all times and shine the light of his mercy and grace on us 24/7. It's a choice you know? Do we face the dark by ourselves or do we stay in God's presence and light? He's always there with us, we just have to choose the right path. Have a restful and peaceful evening and may you always choose the light. Blessings,


Debbie said...

Girl, you are 100 per cent right there! Have a great week. (I have to watch caffeine late in the day too, but I do love fudge):)

Barbara said...

Kathie, I know exactly how you felt, been there, done that. Hello, I am Barbara and a fellow Texas blogger with a long list of other TB's to which I will add your blog. I hope you will come and visit me and become a follower.
Your blog is beautiful.


Diana said...

Enjoyed this! It is a choice.


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