Thursday, March 4, 2010


Ivey is our Basset Hound. She is the latest in a long line of Bassets. She is the baby now that all the kids are gone. She loves the grandkids, but she gets so excited to see them that she can't control her bladder. Now that the snow has melted she is really enjoying laying out in the sun. Hopefully this summer she will keep out of my flower beds. Last year I though it was because she was a puppy. We'll see how this spring and summer goes now that she weighs 50 lbs and is definitely not a lap dog anymore.


Debbie said...

What a sweet face! Bassetts make the cutest little puppies:) Yes, my Beau gets in trouble for wandering into my gardens when he's sniffing something out. I need a separate yard for the dog!

Diana said...

Such a cutie!