Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Birthday of 2010!!

My husband, Da-Da, has the first birthday of the new year. Our family is growing enough that we celebrate someone's birthday nearly every month. This birthday is a biggie for Da-Da! But, we won't talk about it. The girls and I wanted to have a big party but he had all kinds of excuses of why we shouldn't. Oh, well. We will celebrate as a family instead!!

It's funny as we get older, I still think of us as the Kathie and Da-Da that got married nearly 40 years ago. That may be one of my problems--I see myself as the skinny girl that could eat anything and not the full figured, fluffy Bannie I have become. The mind can really play tricks on you or is it the trifocals that need adjusting????? At any rate, one tradition we seem to have established in our family is that we eat extra well when celebrating someone's birthday. Da-Da always requests a red velvet cake, so the recipe is following. My son and son-in-law also love this particular cake. What does it matter that I have red fingertips for a day or two!! Enjoy the cake and especially always enjoy your family everyday! May God bless all your family celebrations.

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